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I'm on a mission to help you recover your sense of self, restore your sense of worth, and reclaim your wonderful. Getting what you want out of life starts with being clear on and accepting who you are: A totally awesome individual. Join me and reconnect to the YOU you've been missing.

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The Path to Mr. Wonderful Workbook

In 2007, I put the Law of Attraction to work in my love life and it quickly led me into the arms of my husband. The best part about the whole thing (other than finding the love of my life!) was that I realized anyone could use the approach I used to connect with their own Mr. or Ms. Wonderful. You don't have to be a positive juju guru or have a PhD in spiritual philosophy. The Law of Attraction works for everyone.

In this 56-page workbook, I walk you through the core principles and essential questions and exercises I used to bring Mr. Wonderful into my life. 

Even if you haven't jumped on the Law of Attraction bandwagon, the guide provides practical steps to better define the kind of man you're seeking and help you cultivate a richer, more positive life while you await his arrival.

You can find my recipe for success on and as an ebook or a printed guide.

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