Clients' Words

"Working with Melissa has been a magical, inspiring, and FUN experience. Her intuitive insights and clever questions helped me resolve issues that have been bringing me down in every aspect of my life for months. Truly caring, nonjudgmental, and willing to have a good laugh at life, Melissa is an exceptionally gifted woman whom I cannot reccomend enough!" - Allison Snyder, Life Coach 

"Melissa works with a compassionate heart and a great sense of humor—two qualities I very much appreciated as we worked through some deep stuff. Thank You! Thank You!" - Christina Pateros, Shamanic Healer

"Talking with Melissa has helped me learn how to deal with my often paralyzing indecisiveness and inability to see small blessings. She has really helped me follow my gut feelings and make some major decisions throughout the past year. She coaches not to sway you in any one way but simply to help you decipher what is truly the right thing for you." - FC, California

"We laughed, I cried, we changed my life. Thank you for making me think about me, what it means to be happy and what it might take to get there. Your love and support along with your quick wit and ability to change my thinking has made a real difference in my life. I hope our sessions will never truly be over, just on pause until next time." - SB, California

"I am so glad for—and beyond appreciative ofthe coaching time I've spent with Melissa. She helped me open my eyes to the root of a lot of issues I had been experiencing anxiety over, and taught me valuable tools to remember when I have negative feelings going on in my body. The mind/body work we've done was amazing and often surprising to find out the deeper reasons behind the "stories" I tell myself. I am confident that Melissa could help anyone struggling or needing some direction with an issue they might be having and I will definitely continue to not only consult with her myself but refer my loved ones to her." - LD, California 

"Melissa is a trustworthy, supportive individual who really makes helping you her number one priority. She will help you work towards improving your life through her dedication to your cause. I highly recommend her services." - WS, California