Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Try, Try Again

I read an article sometime last year about how bestselling author of The Help, Kathryn Stockett, got turned down 60 times before having her book picked up by a publisher. In the article, she reflects on what would have happened if she had given up after 15 submissions or 40 or 50.

She didn't give up because she knew she had something fantastic to offer.

She believed.

I can't help but think of dating or job searching or a number of other noble endeavors when I consider Stockett's story.

If we give up on ourselves, how will we ever know how far we can go? 

I have friends who settled down because they found men who were "good enough" and they were tired of being unmarried. Sadly, several of them have parted ways with their spouses. And I have to wonder if they had kept searching just a little longer for that right fit, if maybe their Mr. Wonderfuls would have been the next guys in line for them. If they had held out and held onto the faith that they had fantastic things to offer, maybe their stories would have turned out a bit more like Kathryn Stockett's.

Belief is the starting point for making dreams reality. 

Beginning with a belief that you deserve something and then acting as though you know you're going to get it—or better yet that you ALREADY have it—whether it be a man or a job title or an apartment—that is the mindset that manifests desires. 

I know we all get tired. Dating is exhausting. Job- and house-hunting can for sure take a toll on you. But why not just try one more time. Or two or three. And see what happens.

The teeniest bit of passion—the eensiest amount of hope—could blossom into a reward more wonderful than you ever dreamed.

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