Monday, October 20, 2014

Moving Forward by Letting Go

Untethering from the past gives us the freedom to move. To run, to dance, to fly into the future that is waiting for us.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Fastest Way to Tame an Envy Flare-Up

I was wearing my grungiest pair of cutoff sweatpants, a dirty tank top, and no makeup when my neighbors passed our driveway and waved hello. They had just returned from a weekend getaway while we had spent the prior 48 hours covered in drywall dust in the rubble of our kitchen renovation.

I asked them how their trip was and they described delicious meals and decadent massages and relaxation at their resort's spa.

My muscles ached and my hands felt extra callused.

"I want your life!" I shouted to them.

I wanted a weekend away with lounging and downtime and new scenery! I resented our dusty house and displaced kitchen appliances.

As I walked back into the house, my husband asked me why I'd tell someone else I wanted their life. Why wouldn't I want my own life?

The green venom of envy had infected me. He was right to call me out and I knew there was only one antidote that could save me.


If you read this blog regularly, you know it's one of my top remedies for all that ails the spirit.

I put on my coaching hat and went to work to shed thy coveting of thy neighbors' weekend.

I forced myself to come up with at least 3 answers to this key question:

Why am I grateful that I didn't go away for a relaxing weekend?

1. My hubby and I made more progress on our renovation.
2. I saved money on hotel and restaurant costs.
3. I didn't have to worry about trying to catch up on chores during the week because I'd knocked them out over the weekend.

My envy loosened and slowly disappeared.

Ah, the power of gratitude. Such potent medicine.

Next time you find yourself under the thumb of the green dragon, take a minute and ask yourself how and why you can be grateful for the opposite of what you're envying. 

And then kiss the dragon goodbye and get on with your day wearing a smile.