Monday, September 30, 2013

Mimosas and Manifesting

Hi there! I'm over at Mimosa Lotus today, talking about manifesting and magic. If you haven't checked out Mimosa Lotus, you should! Here's a little snapshot of what their site has to say:

Mimosa Lotus inspires personal growth by providing tools to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

We focus on career, health, fitness, lifestyle, money and relationships with a fresh approach and a healthy dose of fun.

There are actionable ways to move forward, so that every one of us can live our dream life. 

We hope that all of your mimosa glasses are always at least half full and that you remember to leave a little room to bloom.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my post on the four musts of manifesting

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One-Minute Meditation: Wind in the Trees, Santa Ynez

In the spirit of the OWN network's Breathing Space videos and a blog my friend Janice once wrote about meditating on a blowing tablecloth, I shot a one-minute movie of the breeze in my backyard yesterday.

Take a second out of your busy day to just breathe and watch.

Listen to the wind—it almost sounds like the ocean.

Let yourself relax. Just for a moment.

Repeat as often as necessary.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Download: 30 Days of Gratitude Worksheet

I've mentioned a couple different paths to gratitude on the blog here before, but now I'm taking things a step further with a full month of gratitude prompts. And you can download them for FREE! This new worksheet walks through a variety of topics, so you can explore gratitude from all different angles.

You can use it once or every month or fill out multiple questions each day if that's what you prefer. Whatever sort of thankfulness floats your boat.

To download it, click here or visit the Free Love page of this site.

Hope you enjoy your new gratitude practice!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Untangling Negative Thoughts

The house we just moved into seems to have an ever-growing smattering of bulbs buried in its front yard. Because we plan to eventually relandscape to more drought-tolerant native plants, I've been digging up as many bulbs as I can when I'm out pulling weeds and trimming errant rose bushes.

Every time I pull up one bulb, I see a sister or brother peeking out from the dirt nearby. And I have to dig more.

These puppies seem to multiply like crazy, so leaving any unattended in the dirt pretty much guarantees that a whole crop of unwanted plants will come our way in the winter.

As I worked to free some from the soil this weekend, I found myself comparing them to the negative thoughts we all have buried in our overly fertile brains.

It's almost guaranteed that if you dig up one negative thought, you'll find others tangled around its root system, conspiring to give rise to additional undesirable beliefs and actions. 

To stop the clusters of negativity from growing wild and taking over our inner sanctuaries, we've got to keep digging and digging until we've plucked them all out, examined them, and assessed whether they're really, truly serving us in any way.

Most of the time, I would say they are not.

But the key to getting rid of them and, frankly, living a more joyful, positive life is to keep on digging. Pay attention to the new (or old) ones that try to crop up. Let your higher self grab a mental trowel, and extricate them immediately. Ask yourself, "How is this thought serving me? Is it making my life better in some way? Do I feel good about this thought?"

If it's not serving you, it's time to toss it into the compost pile.

Freeing up that space in your mental garden will make room for much more beautiful, sustainable thoughts to grow.