Are any of these thoughts familiar?
"I know I'm a catch—I just can't seem to meet the right kind of people." 
"The guy (or girl) I want to be with just doesn't exist." 
"I know my relationship isn't what I want, but I'm afraid I'll never fall in love again if I leave." 
"I'm never going to meet another person as good as ___________."
"I used to love my job but now it just feels like someplace I'm forced to go every day." 
"I want to find a new job, but I don't know where to start."
"I'm totally overwhelmed by my daily routine. I never get a break."
"I just feel stuck."
If any of these resonate with you, I'd love to chat. As a life coach, I've helped women (and men) jump back into the dating pool, move on from relationships that are no longer serving them, fall back in love with their jobs, get clear on what they want from their careers, and add more balance and joy to their day-to-day routines.
Me and Martha in October 2012

What the heck is a life coach?

Way back in the early 2000s, a friend of mine told me he had purchased a set of Tony Robbins' personal development CDs...and I thought he was a little crazy. I mean, what kind of person would buy a product from a life coach?

Now that I've studied under the incomparable Martha BeckO Magazine columnist, Harvard PhD holder, and coach extraordinaire—I've not only learned the value of having a life coach, I am one.

A life coach is kind of like a personal trainer for your brain and spirit. Unlike psychologists who work to repair wounds and heal people (just like doctors... because they are doctors) life coaches work with healthy people who want to get themselves in better shape.

Whether that means strengthening self esteem, toning intuition, raising the bar on career life or firming up your intentions to make changes and move toward greater happiness, a life coach can help you get there.

My goal is to help you leap over the hurdles you're struggling with on your path to wonderful. 

And I want to make sure your path is paved with joyful and extraordinary experiences all along the way. Sure it's important to get your sneaker or stiletto unwedged from the ruts, but that process should include laughter, self-kindness, creativity, and some cheerleading from your new woo-woo manifester friend (that would be me).

But here's the catch...

Just like a personal trainer teaches you which exercises to do and how to refine your form, but doesn't actually do the squats and push-ups for you—a coach can give you valuable tools and offer lots of insight, but you still have to be the one to do the work. There's no magic pill that will give you rock-hard abs and there's no magic coaching pixie dust that can instantly transform some "out of shape" aspect of your life.

The good news is, the most important thing you need is in your hands this very moment. Your own inner wisdom. At your truest, most essential core, you have all the answers. It's just a matter of tuning into them so you can get clear and navigate your path to wonderful like a pro—and create the life you want.

So is a life coach right for you? 

If any of the following attributes or circumstances have you nodding or feeling that flush of recognition, we should talk..

  • You're going through a break up or a wake up of some sort.
  • You're feeling like you need help getting clear on what makes you happy.
  • You're ready to make a big change but aren't sure where to start.
  • You feel caught in the spin cycle of work, wifedom, or motherhood and need help figuring out how to catch your breath.
  • You're drawn to personal development and want to add some new tools to your arsenal. 
  • You're open to getting out of your logical left brain and into your intuitive right mind to come up with creative solutions to sticky situations.
  • You're ready to dive in and do work that will help you discover deeper authenticity and a clearer idea of what your path to wonderful is.

Like people, no two paths to wonderful are exactly alike. Each belongs to the person walking it. "Wonderful" becomes whatever YOU want it to be. By moving beyond limiting thoughts and feelings, and aligning your certainty with what you desire most in life, your path will rise up to meet you. 

What past clients have to say...

"Working with Melissa has been a magical, inspiring, and FUN experience. Her intuitive insights and clever questions helped me resolve issues that have been bringing me down in every aspect of my life for months. Truly caring, nonjudgmental, and willing to have a good laugh at life, Melissa is an exceptionally gifted woman whom I cannot reccomend enough!" - Allison Snyder, Life Coach 

"Melissa works with a compassionate heart and a great sense of humor—two qualities I very much appreciated as we worked through some deep stuff. Thank You! Thank You!" - Christina Pateros, Shamanic Healer

"Talking with Melissa has helped me learn how to deal with my often paralyzing indecisiveness and inability to see small blessings. She has really helped me follow my gut feelings and make some major decisions throughout the past year. She coaches not to sway you in any one way but simply to help you decipher what is truly the right thing for you." - FC, California

"We laughed, I cried, we changed my life. Thank you for making me think about me, what it means to be happy and what it might take to get there. Your love and support along with your quick wit and ability to change my thinking has made a real difference in my life. I hope our sessions will never truly be over, just on pause until next time." - SB, California

"I am so glad for—and beyond appreciative ofthe coaching time I've spent with Melissa. She helped me open my eyes to the root of a lot of issues I had been experiencing anxiety over, and taught me valuable tools to remember when I have negative feelings going on in my body. The mind/body work we've done was amazing and often surprising to find out the deeper reasons behind the "stories" I tell myself. I am confident that Melissa could help anyone struggling or needing some direction with an issue they might be having and I will definitely continue to not only consult with her myself but refer my loved ones to her." - LD, California 

"Melissa is a trustworthy, supportive individual who really makes helping you her number one priority. She will help you work towards improving your life through her dedication to your cause. I highly recommend her services." - WS, California