Tuesday, April 26, 2022

A New Book to Help You Navigate Red Flags and Right Fits in Love

After eleven years of marriage and ten years of coaching, I wrote a book about dating! 

I've been working on various iterations of it FOREVER. But a few years ago, I started drafting in earnest and after a fortuitous three-month break from my day job, I wrapped up the manuscript and published it on Amazon this month. The book tells my own story but weaves in a variety of journaling exercises to help you, dear reader, get clearer on your specific relationship patterns, cravings, and deal breakers. 

When I was single, people used to tell me "when you know, you know" as a means of describing what it was like to find the right match. But after many fizzled relationships, I realized the knowing was also there when—in spite of thinking I was in love—my match was all wrong. The difference was that no one talked about that kind of knowing much. 

So after a rotten breakup, I decided to dig in and understand what my gut, not my brain, was trying to communicate to me about the guys I dated. I discovered that I needed to listen to my body if I wanted real clarity on how to proceed. Checking boxes next to desired attributes wasn't enough. I needed to focus on Red Flag and Right Fit states of emotion and how those registered inside of me physically.  

Understanding how to use your own internal navigation system to move toward or away from what you do or don't want serves you in every area of your life, not just in relationships. 

The better I got at deciphering Red Flag and Right Fit feelings, the more confident and happier I became moving through the world. Trusting my gut instead of my monkey mind allowed me to stay on the path that was right for me. Ya might call it the path to wonderful...

Ultimately, this approach not only led me to my adoring husband, it led me back to myself. 

I hope this book can help you move forward more aligned with your inner knowing and more trusting of yourself. Get your copy in paperback or on Kindle now. 

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