Thursday, November 1, 2012

Surrendering to Our Gravitational Pulls

When I was first dating Mr. W, he owned a motorcycle.

And one sunny Sunday morning, he convinced me to go with him on a ride through the Hollywood Hills. I had never been on a street bike before so, as I uncontrollably sang Grease 2's "Cool Rider" in my head, he gave me a quick tutorial on how to ride. Or, rather, how to be a passenger.

"Lean into the turns," he said.

As soon as we got on the bike and hit a curve, I heard Mr. W's instructions in my head. Everything in me felt like it should try to counterbalance the bike's tilt toward the pavement, but I did as I was told and shifted my body streetward as he did.

We whizzed around the curve and the bike righted itself immediately, taking us easily down the road.

Leaning into the curves, going with the pulls of the bike made the ride smoother. 

It works the same way when your heart or spirit or passion feels pulled by something. 

Surrendering to the gravity of it can free your ride from bumps. Avoiding the urge to resist—do what you're "supposed" to do or be who you "should" be—can keep you moving at top speed until you reach a destination that's completely in line with your essential self and deepest desires.

Where is the universe pulling you right now? Try surrendering and leaning into the curve. You might be surprised by how much more joyful the ride will be.

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