Thursday, December 27, 2012

Those People Who Seem to Have It All Figured Out

A few weeks ago, I was on a life coach course call with my classmates and Martha Beck, when Martha suggested a concept I found rather novel. She mentioned studying the stories of people we respected as a means of finding inspiration for our own journeys.

Although this may seem like an obvious recommendation to some, it was a complete lightbulb moment for me. It's not that I've never thought about people I admire—it's hard not to pay attention to the role models around us. But I guess I'd never really thought about learning from their life lessons.

As I sat on the call trying to decide who's life I'd like to have, the first person that came to mind was, of course, Oprah. The mother of all female success stories. Then there's Elizabeth Gilbert, who I adore. And Mastin Kipp, who I've become quite fascinated with. And I'm sure I could learn heaps from people like John Wooden and Steven R. Covey.

But the person who popped up and immediately stood out from the rest was one who I believe has made a career out of adding more joy to the world.

Ellen DeGeneres.

Why Ellen? She seems like she isn't afraid to be 100% her authentic self. She gets paid to dance on stage and crack jokes every day. She has found a way to take the things that light her up and turn them into a financially and spiritually fulfilling career. (Maybe even more so than Oprah.) Ellen just seems to exist in a continual state of bliss. And I think that's about as cool as life can get.

After realizing this, I'm definitely anxious to learn more about her life and her philosophies.

When we put energy toward the people and things that make us smile—that make us get that little bubbly feeling in our chests—we're steering our own lives in the direction of more happiness. 

I wonder what I'll discover if I start studying Ellen's story. Something might click and push me toward action I may have never taken otherwise.

Even if I don't learn much, I have a feeling she'll at least make me laugh. And that alone can put me smack dab in the path of more joy.

Who do you consider a great role model and why do you admire them?


  1. There's something to be said about people who know what they need to do in their lives to be happy - and then actually do them! My grandmother was always like that, starting from the time she was a teenager, went out on a double (first) date and fell for her date's guy. She came home and told her mom she'd marry him. And she did (which included getting a marriage license while my grandfather was away at war and presenting it to him when he returned to the States). It's hard not to be inspired by people like that!

  2. Nilsa, I love this story! It sounds like it would make a wonderful beginning to a book! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  3. Barbara Kingsolver. She seems so real and her writing... oh it makes my teeth tingle.

  4. I haven't read any of her work. But I remember hearing The Poisonwood Bible was fantastic. I'll have to add some of her stuff to my Amazon Wish List!