Monday, April 1, 2013

Manifesting Mad Libs

Want a quick way to get started in the realm of manifesting? Start filling in the blanks to sentences like these:

     It would be so cool if ____________________.

     It would be awesome if __________________.

     I'd be so excited if ______________________.

During my final semester in college, I was interning at an advertising agency. I dug the work, enjoyed the staff, and of course wanted more than anything to have a job lined up after school was done. Though it didn't seem at all likely that the agency would hire me, I distinctly remember saying to my boyfriend, "Wouldn't it be cool if Grey offered me a job?"

Three weeks before graduation, they called me and told me they wanted to interview me for a junior copywriter position. And a few weeks after that, I was part of their team.

Sometimes all it takes is one simple request—or even mild musing—and the Universe just swoops in and delivers a slice of reality that's beyond your dreams. 

The key is to not have a huge attachment to the outcome. When I was playfully wishing for my post-college job, I didn't have a lot weighing on it working out. I didn't carry around any anxiety or worry over what might happen. I simply expressed a possibility that seemed like it could be a very cool experience. And it happened.

Since then, it's happened many more times—and I've come to realize how important it is to be specific about what goes inside the blank. This could mean spending a little more time considering the scenario you want most or maybe just adding lots of "ands" and adjectives to the end of your sentence.

If you go through life being totally unclear on your "Wouldn't it be cool if" statements, you may just bounce around haphazardly until finally finding a fit by accident.

I think it's way more fun to invite the right fit in from the get-go.

So tell me: How would you complete the phrases above?

Maybe in a few months or years, we can compare notes and see how many of them have come true!


  1. It's such a good reminder that you can just write the sentence- that's it. You don't need to repeat it and memorize it and harp on it every day. The Universe knows. It's all good. :)

  2. Exactly! You don't want to harp on it. I think it's like the old saying about love - let it go and if it returns to you, it's yours to keep. :)