Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One-Minute Meditation: Afternoon Rain

This week's One-Minute Meditation is probably better as an auditory experience. My hand isn't super steady, so the camerawork is a little shakier than I'd like it to be... Click play, close your eyes, and listen to the soft rhythm of the rain as it makes its first autumn mark on California's Central Coast.

And when you're finished, hop over to The Path to Wonderful Facebook page and check your settings to make sure you're receiving all of my posts. Apparently Facebook has changed its algorithms again, so we have to make some minor adjustments if we want to make sure we're seeing everything our Liked pages are posting.

1. Mouse over the "Liked" button and be sure that "Show in News Feed" is selected.
2. In the same drop-down menu right underneath "Show in News Feed" you will see a "Settings" option. Click on that.
3. Then check "All Updates."

Thanks for stopping by to share another meditative moment with me! 

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