Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Honoring the Year Gone By

I was in yoga class a couple weeks ago and before the final Namaste, my teacher asked us to take a moment to honor all that we had accomplished during 2014. I thought back over the year and felt mildly shocked by all I had done.

Just a few days before, my husband and I had been talking about how much we DIDN'T do in 2014 and what changes we wanted to make in the New Year.

Yet, sitting on my mat in the yoga studio, I felt I'd done everything right.

I'd done so much.

I'd done enough.

It's easy to get so caught up tallying our resolution failures that we forget to bask in the joy of our accomplishments.

I may not have created the ebooks I meant to write or done a juice fast every month or found new hiking trails (3 items on my 2014 goal list) but I had helped remodel two bathrooms and a kitchen, I'd helped raise four baby chicks into young lady chickens, and I'd hiked my way around two national parks and some Alaskan coastal cities.

In addition to a resolution or goal list or whatever it is you may make this New Year, why not spend some time reflecting on everything you did in 2014? Even if it wasn't part of your plan, take a minute to honor what you got done.

I'll be you did a lot more than you realize.

And I bet it made your spirit grow in different and exciting ways.

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