Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is It Time for a Full Reset?

My laptop has been acting a bit wonky lately. Last week, the little battery charge icon got a scary X through it and wouldn't recharge when I plugged it in. A quick Google search revealed that the battery didn't just need to be recharged—it needed to be reset. I had to power down, pull out the battery, push some buttons, say some prayers, do 10 jumping jacks, and then replace everything and wait to see if the battery would go back to recharging.

It worked.

And it made me think about our own batteries. The ones that power our sense of well-being.

Most of us try to regularly recharge our batteries with naps or stolen moments reading magazines or watching The Bachelor with girlfriends. But like my laptop, I think most of us are in major need of full-blow battery resets.

What would resetting your battery look like for you? 

What would you do to escape, power down, and shut off before you had to get back at it?

My husband and I slipped away for two days of camping and hiking earlier this week and it was the perfect way to reset. Breathing the pine-scented air, working up a sweat on the trails, eating s'mores—all of it was the exact kind of restoration we needed. And while we were away, my laptop battery got to enjoy a nice, long nap.

How can you give yourself a restoration reset sooner than later?

Doing whatever it takes might be the key to turning yourself into an energy powerhouse.

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