Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tending Your Soil

My Mr. Wonderful is more of a plant obstetrician than he is a gardener. I'm not sure I've ever witnessed someone put so much care into delivering fauna babies and creating optimal conditions for growth. This year, he bought a special heating pad to keep his seedlings warm as they pushed their little sprouts up through the dirt. I had no idea such things even existed. And each time we dig up our vegetables and plant new ones for the season, he makes sure we till the soil, adding just the right amount of manure, gypsum, and bone meal.

Imagine if we all put so much care into the tending of our personal lives. 

What would you need to create the optimal conditions for your own growth? Maybe a support group to help nurture you as you forged ahead. Or some stillness in the sunshine to get you good and rooted in your sense of self. Perhaps a little food for your mind and soul.

I know my Mr. W probably makes a shopping list of the elements he needs to cultivate a healthy garden. What would happen if you made a list of the elements you feel you need most?

Give it a try. It might help you put your finger on the nutrients you're lacking and send you into a season of blossoming like you've never known.


  1. Fabulous analogy!

    I'm working on rebuilding my foundation as we speek. My therapist is teaching me to tend to my emotional soul, to build a beautiful, flourishing garden, which nurtures my spirit.

    There are a lot of weeds to pull, but it's a carthartic procress, and I know the beauty being born from the wreckage will far out weigh the hardship.

  2. I need sleep - something I won't get for another 18 years, unless I start to mirror Gavin's nap schedule. Hmmmm, I wonder if my bosses would care if I took a 12-3 siesta everyday?? =)

  3. This is the perfect analogy, and it applies to every relationship we'll ever have that we want to keep, including and especially with ourselves. If we get overwhelmed, it's too easy to let the watering go. Good reminder. :)

  4. Christine - It is a tough process, for sure - and it takes continual maintenance. :) I know I have some weeds to get rid of myself!

    Nilsa - Wouldn't that be awesome? I wish we lived in Spain...

    Lesley - That's such a good point - I didn't even make the relationship connection. You're so right!