Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finding Your Feel Good Flock

I've been taking part in Brené Brown's Gifts of Imperfection e-course on, and one of our recent assignments was to make a list of people we can share our "stories" with, knowing they'll continue to love us no matter what we say.

It was an interesting exercise and it got me thinking about all the different "lists" that exist within each of our social communities.

We have the friends we've known forever and love to reminisce with, and the friends from work who can totally understand our career-related joys and pains, and the friends in similar life stages who integrate easily into our routines, and the ones who are different from us and have the power to pull us out of our comfort zones.

But one of the friend flocks I find most essential to a sense of joy and aliveness is the group that speaks our language and sets our senses of possibility in motion.

These are the people who share our passions. The ones who light up with us when we start carrying on wildly about our hobbies or aspirations or philosophies on life. They not only support the facets of our feel-good, they understand them in a way other friends may not. They get it.

For me, the feel good flock includes friends who get amped up over personal growth talk, nurturing of the spirit, and the magic we're all capable of creating in our lives. When I'm with "birds" from this flock, I can feel myself just humming. There's a sense of playfulness and positivity and deep understanding in all of our interactions.

Making a list of the people who fit this bill in your life will enable you to connect with them quickly to get feel-good fixes when you need them most. 

So who are the birds that really speak your language? Which friends up the power supply to that little light shining inside you?

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