Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Launching a Counterattack on Stress: A How-To Guide

Hawaiian vacations are a great way to de-stress, but most of us can't afford to
take them on a weekly basis.

Last night I hosted a free call on my 5 Top Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm and Breaking Free from Your Funk. It was a jolly good time and if you missed it, you can listen to the recording here!

There's also an accompanying Google doc that you can download here.

What I'm talking about may not be rocket science or brain surgery—but it is brain science! Certain practices I cover can literally help you start to rewire your brain so that it refocuses on the positive instead of the negative. And when you're feeling stuck in a funk, that kind of change in perspective can be extremely valuable. 

While I have you here, I also wanted to let you know about a little program I'm putting together to kick off the New Year. It's called Wonderful U and it's all about reconnecting to your sense of self—and what makes you wonderful—so you can find more joy and get more of what you want out of life. When it comes to your career aspirations, relationships, life experiences, goals, hopes and dreams, the common denominator is YOU. Everything revolves around how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself. I want to make sure you're feeling and acting from a place of wonderful.

So I'm cooking up a workbook, a series of four tele-classes, and a fun kick-off party at my house in California's Central Coast wine country to help you make it happen.

You can find more details here and here.

I hope last night's call helps if you're feeling stuck in a state of funky overwhelm. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to chat!

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